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Telemarketers beware.  If you call these numbers you will be
prosecuted to the fullest extent of State and Federal law and will
be subject to fines and or imprisonment.  Your business name
and numbers will also be placed on this web site's Hall of Shame.
Replacing your wireline telephone is easy!  Simply select a carrier,  check out phones and plans.  Best to
check with several carriers and compare.   All the wireless carriers offer a 14 to 30 trial period.  Use this trial
to test the areas where the phone will and will not work.  Be certain that you have excellent coverage in your
home (check your basement too).  Local number portability allows your to keep your current number.
The best advantage to switching to a wireless/cable TV telephone......  
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Your telemarketing call  WILL  be recorded
and uploaded to You Tube Service.  I reserve
the right to totally waste your time and trash
your reputation.